Ostara Greeting Card
Ostara Greeting Card
Hotchi Witchi

Ostara Greeting Card

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The hare is a mysterious, solitary creature, associated with rebirth and renewal. Nocturnal by nature, the hare has associations to the Moon and its cycles and is often portrayed moon gazing.

In Germanic mythology the hare wakes Ostara, the Goddess of Spring from her Winter slumber. It was Ostara that turned a bird into a hare and to thank her the hare brought eggs to her each Spring - the original Easter Bunny.

In modern Paganism, Ostara is the name of the Spring Equinox that falls on the 21st March in the northern hemisphere.

This blank card features an archival print from a gouache painting, Ostara, by Debbie Lear.

Printed in the Hotchi-Witchi studio, Wales, U.K. and signed and dated in pencil by the artist.

The card measures 7 x 5 inches, is embossed on the back and blank inside for your personal message.